EMGT 652 Legal Aspects of Engineering Management

1 26JUN17 Introduction to the course and principles of the law
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view (65 min)
view (52 min)
see also ENR: A Real Judge Will Decide What an Ambiguous Spec Means, Not You
Ch 1-5
Extra Reading: Footnotes and Chapter Questions
2 03JUL17 Definition of the term "CONTRACT." Formation / Terms & Conditions
view (65 min)
view (50 min)
see also ENR: Law and Risk Mitigation
Ch 6-8 (& 29-30)*
3 10JUL17 Definition of the term "CONTRACT".  Interpretation / Coordination
view (58 min)
view (48 min)
see also ENR: What's Wrong With Change Orders?
Ch 9-12 (& 31-33)*
4 17JUL17 Discharge, Breach & Remedies - General Review of Contracts - Midterm Distributed
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view (39 min)
view (23 min)
Ch 13 (& 34)*
    Midterm Distributed 20JUL17 and Due Back 23JUL17
Review of Midterm (Suggested Answers) Posted 24JUL17
5 24JUL17

Torts: Civil Wrongs
view (35 min)
view (40 min)
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see also ENR: Will Google Voice Open the Door Again to Trustworthy Verbal Contracts?

see also ENR: RFID Tags in ID Badges for All Employees?

Ch 20-24
6 31JUL17 Torts: Civil Wrongs and Professional Liability
view (50 min)
view (42 min)
view (72 min)
see also ENR: Fla. Supreme Court Reverses Course on Economic Loss: A Must-Read for Designers
Ch 25, 38-40
7 07AUG17 Agency, Partnership, Corporations, Forms of Business, Insurance, Bonds and Sureties
view (45 min)
view (43 min)
Ch 14-18
8 14AUG17 Real Property
view (62 min)
view (73 min)
Ch 26-27
9 21AUG17 Real Property (continued)
view (84 min)
10 28AUG17 Intellectual Property, Patents, Copyrights and Trade Secrets -
view (163 min)
by guest lecturer Kevin Dunleavy, Esq.

see also
Ch 28
11 04SEP17 Final Distributed 01SEP17 and Due Back 06SEP17
view (23 min)
audio only (23 min)
*light reading only

Text: Contracts and the Legal Environment for Engineers & Architects, Joseph T. Bockrath and Fredric L. Plotnick, 7th Edition, McGraw Hill, ISBN 978–0–07–339784–9, MHID 0–07–339784–9
New paperback edition (discounted price) ISBN 978-1-30-894246-9 only at Drexel Bookstore