2019 Conference Photos
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Welcome Reception by Phoenix - Watching the Lunar Eclipse


Breakfast by Phoenix, Keynote, Coffee Break sponsored by Bentley Synchro

Companion Tour - La Jolla - Torrey Pines - Point Loma


 Exhibitors and Lunch by Micro Planner X-Pert

More Exhibitors

Great Graphics Contest

Tuesday Fred's Keynote through last session "What's Wrong with P6?"

More Exhibitors and Afternoon Snacks

More Classes - still awake at 5pm - Happy Hour - Nighttime Trolley Tour

Companions to the Zoo - Networking at the Happy Hour

Does anyone have more photos from Whiskey House or 40th Floor Hyatt to share?

The Mock Trial - and sessions to the end of the day

 A Farewell Snack and Post Conference Use of Float on a Boat


Random Shots at your 2019 conference
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