Project Management Institute - College of Scheduling - Call for Papers

The PMI College of Scheduling is currently planning on hosting a seminar track at the 2007 Annual Meeting.
The College will be soliciting scholarly papers for presentation at the meeting - details to be announced.
At this time, however, the College is seeking persons to provide appropriate peer review of papers submitted.
Candidates to act in this behalf are requested to either:
- if your C.V. is in paper form, scan your C.V. (maximum four (4) pages) and email
- if your C.V. is in Word 2000 or earlier version, send as an attachment
- if your C.V. is currently online, send an email including the link
Please email to:
Please always provide the Subject Line as: PMICOS 2007

For More Information click here for download of the linked PowerPoint presentation (201KB)