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Word Mark RDCPM
Goods and Services IC A . US A . G & S: Computer software for planning, scheduling and schedule risk analysis; publications, namely, training manuals, textbooks, software manuals and instruction manuals; schedules, event plans and resource management plans for planning, scheduling and schedule risk analysis

IC B . US B . G & S: Training in the use of, teaching in the field of and the provision of project management services utilizing this standard in areas such as engineering design and implementation, architectural design and implementation, product development, software development, assembly and manufacture, construction and erection, maintenance, professional services, and all manner of projects both unique and repetitive, for purposes including the planning and scheduling of events and activities in a logical order, the management of resources and knowledge as applied to a project, group of projects, program of projects or group of programs, the recording of a description, rationale or significance of the logic relationship between events and activities; the allocation of resources based upon the type and recorded rationale for the logic relationship, the calculation of probable completion times based upon the relaxation of logic relationships of varying type and rationale, and the calculation of the risk of timely completion and probability of various times or dates of completion based upon the validity and variability of activity of duration, selection of preference at logic forks and the type and recorded rationale for the logic relationship

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Serial Number 76637396
Filing Date April 28, 2005
Current Filing Basis 1B
Original Filing Basis 1B
Published for Opposition March 14, 2006
Owner (APPLICANT) Plotnick, Fredric L. INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES Benson Manor #117 101 Washington Lane Jenkintown PENNSYLVANIA 19046
Attorney of Record Kevin J. Dunleavy
Other Data The certification mark, as intended to be used by authorized persons, is intended to certify that entities that offer goods and services have adhered to a set of developed standards of good practices by a third party based on a variation of the critical path method of scheduling that will expand and further define the types of logic relationships recognized between events and activities and that will record the rationale as well as the existence of such logic relationships between events and activities. The certification mark may be described in print as the Relationship Diagramming variation of the Critical Path Method of schedule analysis.
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE