Relationship Driven

Critical Path Method

RDCPM® is a certification mark for implementation of the Relationship Diagramming variation of the Critical Path Method of schedule analysis.  The certification mark, as intended to be used by authorized persons, certifies that entities that offer goods and services have adhered to a set of developed standards of good practices by a third party based upon a variation of the critical path method of scheduling that expands and further defines the types of logic relationships recognized between events and activities and that records the rationale as well as the existence of such logic relationships between events and activities. The certification mark may be described in print as the Relationship Diagramming variation of the Critical Path Method of schedule analysis or as Relationship Driven Critical Path Method planning and schedule analysis. 

What is RDCPM®?  Relationship Diagramming to provide Relationship Driven CPM!

Some features and benefits of software implementing RDCPM®:

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RDCPM® is an evolving certification, as it is understood that vendors of software products embracing the standard must balance the level of implementation with that which the market will embrace and that which can economically be added to their product. Certification does not imply full implementation of the Relationship Diagramming variation of the Critical Path Method of schedule analysis. In addition, the theory and possibilities of what may be done within a full implementation will continue to expand and be further defined by comments and contributions of users of the system and current standard. The last upgrade of minimum standards for certification was in 2008 with the release of Primavera Pertmaster (now rebranded as Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis). Additional detail on what is currently included is provided in the Primavera 2008 and Oracle 2009 White papers below.

Vendors of several other CPM software products are in discussion with our principals and will also be listed here once reaching the current level of RDCPM® Compliance Certification with a minimum of all feature currently supported, or of RDCPM® Ready Certification if meeting a minimum of being able to store all applicable data from such implementations.


Primavera White Paper
on RDCPM® 2008


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Oracle White Paper
on RDCPM® 2009

Primavera News Release

RDCPM ® is implemented in Pertmaster Versions 8.2 through 8.6. Version 8.7 (now rebranded as Primavera Risk Analysis or PRA) does not support RDM due to software coding issues. We are working to restore RDM in a future release
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AACEi 54th Annual 2010
Evidence Issues in
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CPM Scheduling
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